mediamix /miːdiːəmɪks/ n 1. advertising agency with a 20-year tradition which uses only the finest ingredients for stirring top mixtures of advertising, product, graphic and web design, media buying and planning, event management, public relations, and strategic brand management: mix with mediamix / 2. natural habitat of two Cannes Lions, who were lead to it by the smell of success and ambition: two Cannes Lions are freely walking in mediamix, the third is on the way

mediamixers /miːdiːəmɪksərz/ n (í) a colorful team of creative individuals with various music tastes, but with a special ability to capture the right rhythm of conscientious and creative work: working with mediamixers is always fun and full of adventures

mediamixer /miːdiːəmɪksər/ n an indispensable member of a connected team; he is willing to sacrifice 3 kilos of coffee and 5 hours of sleep for the sake of a good product: mediamixer is always ready for action, even at night

creativity /ˌkriːeɪˈtɪvɪtɪ/ n a special characteristic of all ideas that are created by close cooperation among all parties involved in mixing: our ideas are brimming with creativity

to mix /tu/ prep (infin.) /mɪks/ v to stir client's wishes, creative ideas, account managers' guidance, designers' skilled hands and watchful eyes to create a perfect whole, called the top product: we will mix up a product, more delicious than midnight chocolate

multilingualism /ˌmʌl.tiˈlɪŋ.gwəlɪz.əm/ an inherent virtue of a mediamixer which enables him to manage both domestic and foreign markets: our multilingualism knows no boundaries

villa /ˈvɪl·ə/ n a building resembling a mansion at Kajuhova 12 in Maribor surrounded by a magical garden where the mediamixers gather and do magic with ideas using special tricks and ingredients: visit us at our villa and be enchanted by our skills

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